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Latest Company Case About 3 Servo Motors Pillow Packing Machine
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3 Servo Motors Pillow Packing Machine

 Latest company case about 3 Servo Motors Pillow Packing Machine

Technical parameter:

Width of film




Thickness of film bobbin




Dimension of film bobbin


outer diameter≤300mm, inner diameter≤75mm


Single knife bag size


L(50-6000)* W(50-140)* H(3-60)mm


Single knife packaging speed


10-100 bags/min


Double knife bag size


L(50-200)* W(50-140)* H(3-55)mm


Double knife packaging speed


20-200 bags/min


Powder requirement


220V, 50Hz, 3KW


Machine size


L3900* W850* H1500mm


Machine weight




Motor configuration


Dual servo/ Full servo


Film boggin position




Blade cut type







Technical characteristics:

  • The key parts of the machine are stainless steel structure, which meets the hygienic standards of food QS and medicine GMP.
  • Humanized and intellectualized parameter setting function makes it easier for ordinary people to use, operate, maintain and skillfully in a short time.
  • When changing packaging products, save time and film. It can store the parameters of 10 packaged products, and can be manufactured normally by direct switching without re-adjusting, so as to reduce the material loss in the process of adjustment.
  • Intelligent temperature control module is adopted, which makes temperature control more stable and directly adjusts parameters on touch screen.
  • Without adjusting the cutting speed, the servo motion controller is used to automatically track and synchronize.
  • Parametric setting of material position of packaging products does not require manual mechanical adjustment of packaging position.
  • Mature servo control technology, with overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices, to protect the safety and service life of packaging machine.
  • The three-axis power transmission structure simplifies the mechanical transmission structure and digitizes the control. It has lower carbon and more energy-saving and environmental protection than the second generation packaging machinery.
  • Three-axis packaging machine has powerful expansion function. It has good matching ability and compatibility with other mechanical equipment such as production line, and is easy to form automatic production line.