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3 Servo Motors Pillow Packing Machine

Technical parameter: Width of film   ≤320mm,≤350mm,≤430mm   Thickness of film bobbin   25-80um   Dimension of film bobbin   outer diameter≤300mm, inner diameter≤75mm   Single knife bag size   L(50-6000)* W(50-140)* H(3-60)mm   Single knife packaging speed   10-100 bags/min   Double knife bag size   L(50-200)* W(50-140)* H(3-55)mm   Double knife packaging speed   20-200 bags/min   Powder requirement   220V, 50Hz, 3KW   Machine size   L3900* W850* H1500mm   Machine weight   600kg   Motor configuration   Dual servo/ Full servo   Film boggin position   Upper   Blade cut type   Rotary         Technical characteristics: The key parts of the machine are stainless steel structure, which meets the hygienic standards of food QS and medicine GMP. Humanized and intellectualized parameter setting function makes it easier for ordinary people to use, operate, maintain and skillfully in a short time. When changing packaging products, save time and film. It can store the parameters of 10 packaged products, and can be manufactured normally by direct switching without re-adjusting, so as to reduce the material loss in the process of adjustment. Intelligent temperature control module is adopted, which makes temperature control more stable and directly adjusts parameters on touch screen. Without adjusting the cutting speed, the servo motion controller is used to automatically track and synchronize. Parametric setting of material position of packaging products does not require manual mechanical adjustment of packaging position. Mature servo control technology, with overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices, to protect the safety and service life of packaging machine. The three-axis power transmission structure simplifies the mechanical transmission structure and digitizes the control. It has lower carbon and more energy-saving and environmental protection than the second generation packaging machinery. Three-axis packaging machine has powerful expansion function. It has good matching ability and compatibility with other mechanical equipment such as production line, and is easy to form automatic production line.